A few things

I am Joseph Ernest Basquin. I live in Orléans, France.


Articles about:

Don't read #tech articles except you really want to.

Some of my projects:
Jeux d'orgues
YellowNoiseAudio TinyAnalytics


Many things begin with

Let's start a new notebook!

(Well sometimes the notebook is abandoned after 3 pages, but hmm, let's not think about it). Writing helps to know what you want, what you don't want, and what you've done so far. So, like every one, I decided

Let's start a blog!

Then I looked at many blog generator tools, and I noticed it would be faster to actually write it myself in PHP, rather than downloading every existing solution and pick the best (so hard to make a choice). So I started yesterday evening, and today it's published:

blogggggg, a blogging platform.